Airiam Ventures

Airiam Ventures is an operationally-minded private equity firm focusing exclusively in the broader Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs, MSSPs, CSPs) space with a core focus on serving small and mid-sized businesses with outsourced IT and cybersecurity. Airiam Ventures is in the midst of launching its core platform through multiple acquisitions, anticipates announcing the close of its platform investments in Q2 2021, and continues to grow its deep pipeline of additional acquisition targets. The Airiam Ventures team will be leveraging their decades of operational experience as MSP and technology executives by stepping into key C-suite positions of the parent company acquiring MSPs throughout North America.

The MSP industry is highly fragmented with no player having more than 1% of the market. The industry is a laggard with respect to marketing and sales. Year after year, MSP industry surveys have the number one and number two issues facing MSPs are their inability to professionalize lead generation and customer capture in order to grow their business. Focus on and solving this issue is a specialty of the Airiam Ventures team. In addition to acquisitions, Polemic has the playbook to increase sales and margins organically.

The Airiam Ventures team has deep operational expertise in the MSP industry. They bring a unique combination of operations, sales and marketing, investment, integration and execution to the space, that is ripe for consolidation. Having held C-suite positions in private equity backed companies they have had great success growing enterprise values from 11x to 15x. The Airiam Ventures team is the ideal partner to lead a buy-and-build strategy in the MSP space by leveraging a history of over 30 M&A transactions and their integrations along with a proven playbook for sales and marketing-focused organic growth.

About Us

Elliot Luchansky - CFA President

  •  4 year CEO experience at MSP
  • Led or co-led 32 closed M&A transactions including 22 as part of a pure consolidation strategy.
  • Grew enterprise value by avg of 11.2x in last 2 CEO/COO roles.
  • Avg revenue CAGR of 129% in last 2 CEO roles.
  • 2-time CEO / 3-time CFO / PE board member.
  • Co-founder & managing partner of 3 special-purpose PE funds.
  • Columbia Business School

Ohad Jehassi - CEO

  • 3-time CEO
  • Increased TEV by avg of 15x (w/one growing from $25M to $300M+)
  • 5-time CMO
  • 2-time PE/VC Board member.
  • Accelerated organic revenue growth from 10% to 90% over 3-yr periods.
  • Hyper-organic growth (scalable, repeatable).
  • Culture, leadership, strategy.
  • Pricing, packaging, messaging
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Harvard Business School

Huy Ly - Technologist

  • Led team at Oracle w/150+ integrating strategic acquisitions.
  • Architect and led execution of designing Intuit and Ancestry.com cloud environments.
  • Tech M&A integration
  • Cloud, Cybersecurity, and IT operations – architect, leader, execution.
  • Transformed cloud and cybersecurity operations for large publicly-traded tech company.
  • Years of experience in C-suite as technical leader.