MSP Business Owners

When should I sell my business?

It’s a question that many entrepreneurs think about. Owners who ponder selling their business don’t necessarily do so out of financial desperation or trouble but usually because they are facing one of the following situations:

Exit / Buyout Liquidity

  • For one or more owners looking to monetize what they’ve built, while passing the baton to internal successors.
  • For one or more owners looking to monetize what they’ve built, while not only preserving but enhancing the quality of service they have consistently delivered their customers for years.

Strategic / Value-Added Growth Capital

For driven, entrepreneurial founders/owners looking for a partner that can turbocharge their organization’s trajectory while remaining independent. Polemic partners with you to fill in the top gaps that exist in many MSP companies allowing one to monetize the business through an initial liquidity event coupled with a “second bite of the apple” potentially more lucrative than the first.

Filling the Gaps

Top gaps In MSP market

Sales & marketing:
  • Lack of lead generation. Little to no intentional outbound lead generation. Rely on opportunistic referrals. Lack of focus: no defined customer segments.
  • Talent/personnel. Not systematic in recruiting, hiring, training, or coaching.
  • Commoditization/lack of differentiation. Poor product messaging, unclear service offering.
  • Sub-optimal pricing and packaging. Fail to capture marketplace value of services.

    • Ransomware attacks
    • Attracting / retaining talent, particularly with cybersecurity expertise

How Airiam Ventures fills these gaps

  • Proven playbook. Polemic has implemented a proven playbook that generates predictable lead volume using inbound & outbound marketing methods that accelerates revenue growth rates by >3x within 9 months.
  • Build sales teams. Deep expertise and experience building sales teams. Initiate system of defined behaviors, metrics and coaching that focuses efforts on highest value sales.
  • Honing sales messaging. Polemic has relevant experience honing sales and product messaging. Rationalize and “product-ize” service offering.
  • Price optimization. Past experience launching price initiative that leverages market research, econometrics, and algorithmic approaches to correctly monetize revenue streams.
  • Deploy proven method. Initiate system of defined behaviors, metrics and coaching that minimizes business impact.  
  • Build tech teams. Deep expertise and experience building and growing teams and businesses.